Sep. 26th, 2008

unamaga: (the road so far)
When did it get so frelling cold out? Just last week it was t-shirt weather and right now I am in all seriousness contemplating fishing out my scarf and gloves. I'm already wearing a hat and my ears are still cold! My fingernails are turning a strange purplish color! This is unacceptable. Also I can't get these crackers open.

But in other, less pathetic news: SPN last night rocked my socks, homg! I don't think I've been so pleased with this show and these characters in a long time. So, naturally, I made icons. Twenty two in all, lots of Deanface. 

When the bells ring twelve times in hell, the bells ring twelve times in this town as well. )

And now I am off to beta fic of yay while the end of S1 SGA downloads. [ profile] melloniel? You and I have a date with the Sieges sometime this weekend. *points*

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