unamaga: (but WHY is the porn gone?)
unamaga ([personal profile] unamaga) wrote2009-03-30 02:40 am
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PSA: viewing skins

I don't know if this is going around, or if Julie and I are just being targeted because we're secret terr'ists, but if your xcolibur or dystopia view of LJ has mysteriously been replaced with vertigo, there is a sneaky back door you can take to get your beloved viewing option back.

Append &usescheme=xcolibur or &usescheme=dystopia to the end of your URL and it sort of tricks LJ into believing you already have that option checked. Make sure you save, and voila: insta-relief! I've tried it for both dystopia and xcolibur, and there's been no sign of reverting back to vertigo yet, even after some off-site page hopping. I live in hope. *crosses fingers*

Has anyone heard anything about LJ getting rid of these skins altogether? None of the news comms I poked around in have said anything about it, so it might just be a bug - please let it just be a bug!

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