Aug. 14th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Because [ profile] exsequar tagged me and I can deny her nothing:

List 10 songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 10 songs. Then tag 10 other people to see what they're listening to.

In which I ramble about musics! )

Aaaannnd, a batch of icons! Thirty six in total: seventeen August Rush, six DHew/Rodney, two JFlan/John, five Teyla, two Ronon, four CKR/RayK. I feel like somehow I should turn this into a Christmas Song. And a RayK in a pear tree?

icons! )

...and now i toddle off to read big bang homghomg.
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No, seriously, I do. And tons more respect for anyone who has ever played guitar, even if they did it really, really badly. God. I can't even hold down C for more than a few minutes without being in mondo amounts of pain. My hands! They are way too dainty for this! But, of the good, my sister's boyfriend taught me how to do those really gorgeous harmonic chords from August Rush, and I figured out all on my own how to pluck out parts of Habenera: I am now a happy clam.

Once I look less like I'm just randomly pawing at the strings in the futile hope that somehow I will make a pretty sound, I will possibly even attempt to take a picture. That's how excited I am, okay.

Anyway. I know I'm massively behind on comments and, like, everything ever. Please do not hit me with a rolling pin. :(

The house is all mine from Sunday to Wednesday, so I plan to take advantage of the abandoned living room and spend a lot of time writing. And, yes, I keep saying I'm almost done with the fics I'm writing, and then I go back and reread them and something vital in my head goes gllllllllrk and stops working. So, uh, it's slow-going. Hopefully! Hopefully the quiet will allow me to get past the part of the thigh holster fic wherein John slams Rodney against a wall.

Speaking of unutterably hot things:

Good morning, flist.
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I have the what is probably hugest spider bite I have ever encountered right below the join of my thumb and hand and it is driving me insane. My entire arm itches. My legs are all twitchy and restless. Every single move I make seems to somehow aggravate the strange bruise-like mass it has become and I suspect that soon I will attempt to chop my entire hand off no matter how good it's been to me in the past ajfaigghgjawgk.

But, whatever! Not thinking about it!

My post-con sickness is slowly abating, to the point where I now have a voice again and can go whole hours without sneezing. Amazing! And last night my sister lured me out of my bed with the promise of a CVS run for more sudafed so she could use my student discount at the apple store for her new computer, and I now have an iPod Touch - for free! I'm not sure how this happened, except that it was fully rebated and very, very shiny.

[Poll #1227965]
To wrap this post up a bit, a slightly face-centric icon blurb. Twenty four in full: eight due South, eleven Callum Keith Rennie, three SGA, two Joe Flanigan.

You know, Ray, my father once told me that the sky isn't just above you, that if you look at the horizon you'll see that it actually touches the ground. So if you think about it, wherever you go, you are actually walking in the sky. )


Jun. 30th, 2008 04:35 pm
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  1. Voting for challenge two is going on over at [ profile] sga_lims! Yes, I was crazy enough to take part this round. Go forth and vote!

  2. Love meme! I could definitely use some cheeriness. Like woah.

  3. I was originally rooting exclusively for the away team over at [ profile] mcshep_match, but it's really hard to hold onto that kind of bias when there are great stories coming from all sides. I'm still poking through them, so this isn't a complete list of awesome, but here are a few links to the ones I've really enjoyed so far:

    Summary: "I’m hopelessly in love with you," Rodney said, and rolled his eyes.
    Hee, hee, heeeeee, so classically adorable and - boys!

    With Bones Like That
    Summary: “I’m Dr Rodney McKay,” she said slowly. “We were at Berkeley together. You majored in mechanical engineering because you’re an idiot who wanted to go to war rather than use your brain for something worthwhile. I’m Rodney McKay with breasts, okay? It’s not that hard to grasp."
    Fja;goiawg YAY temporary genderswap! \o/

    Summary: I am going to tell you a story. About Dr. McKay and how he bought an eye from me, and how that one small act led to the strangest night in my entire life.
    'Imaginative' doesn't even do this story justice.

    Good Neighbor Policy
    Summary: His whole life, home had been something that happened to other people.
    Incredibly sweet and perfect; definitely leaves you with the warmest, happiest glow in your belly.

    Never Going Home
    Summary: John believes in miracles, in last minute saves, in the impossible. He's lived all of them. He also believes in small, random things that kill people; in the end you don't see coming, in the impossible-in-a-bad-way.
    Even though it's written beautifully, major owie warning. I used up half a box of tissues.

    Near Things
    Summary: "I am not risking the possibility of showing up at my own wedding with a hangover!"
    Despite the summary, it's boys being boys all the way. So absolutely darling, god.
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  • [ profile] chickyoops just sent me this song - The Wave Pictures - Kiss Me - and, you guys, it alludes to my favorite Emily Dickenson poem ever and The Beatles almost simultaneously. Plus, it's totally funky. I don't even know what to do with myself. This is unprecedented.

  • The housing saga continues. Apparently my sister and her boyfriend are thinking of moving to Daytona together so he can teach at a flight school, which is just. Argh. And where does that leave me? I have no idea, but I suspect a box on the corner, stealing wireless from the library and skipping meals to pay for SGA box sets. Upside, I have successfully cleaned my room from top to bottom, and it almost looks presentable! I'm not excited to have a bunch of strangers running around in there while I'm not allowed in my own home for four hours, but what can you do. I've hidden all the racy stuff in a lock box, and that's really as good as it's gonna get, I guess.

  • Does anyone know anything about this place? As in: is it legit, does it have a good reputation, will I be completely fucked in the ear if I give them money, etc.? Some of the classes sound really interesting, and if they're good, it would be an awesome thing to do when I have some spare time.

  • A list of things wot have brought me cheer the past couple of days, in case any of you who need cheer also have missed them: forced team hugs!; adorable smooching visual!; languid grass kisses!; pig tail pulling!; aliens indirectly make them do it! And, okay, just the whole of [ profile] mcsmooch. It's like one giant Get Well Soon card - with porn! <3

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Adding to the list of things that could only possibly happen to me, I was just lying out in the backyard and a bird came up to me and beaked my foot. I - do birds even do that? I've never witnessed a beaking before, but that's...that's really the only word I can come up to describe being hit with a beak. On the foot.

So, yeah. How are you.
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So, Belmont Stakes today. That was awesome - or, wait, no. No it wasn't. Why does it have to happen in my town again, someone tell me? The bloody streets were clogged up and everyone's drunk and roaming around and puking in our bushes - again - and it's so gross out even venturing forth to find food had me sweating my clothes see-through. (And let's not even talk about the group of guys who stopped me on the corner when I was walking to the grocery store to leer at me who I almost punched.) Plus, it's been announced that our house is going on the market as of the 16th and my sister and I are going to find a place somewhere further into Queens and live with her on-again off-again boyfriend. Sigh.

Upside: I now own a proper yoga mat that's a pretty grass green color of which I firmly approve, and my toes are freshly painted. Yay.

Anyway, moving on: this tiny little manip was made a couple of months ago for [ profile] cottontail's fic, A Leopard's Tale. You should all go read that first, tell [ profile] cottontail how awesome it is, and then come look at this. Yes. :D

Rodney meets Rico. )
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Point the first: someone stop me from eating this ice cream.

Point the second: the kamasutrathon and all of its many wonders and joys end tomorrow night, folks! Julie and I are probably going to be sliding in at the last minute because that is how we roll; it's our party and we'll cry "It's not midnight yet!" if we want to. But since the conception of our idea, it's sort of morphed into a Track AU snippet, and the alteration of the pic I did for it won't be exactly accurate due to some, er, details, so I figure I'll just throw it out there as a little extra incentive for anyone who's still undecided about participating.

Extraordinarily NWS )

Point the third: please tell me I'm not imagining that Sound of Music AU. I distinctly remember reading something with that flavor, but it's possible I hallucinated it; if I did, why have you forsaken me, fandom? I had confidence in sunshine, I had confidence in rain, I had confidence that spring would come again, besides which you see I had confidence in peen.
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I have a massive headache and some dude at the food store tried to surreptitiously grope me while I was looking at the frozen dinners; I guess it's all I deserve for even thinking of eating that much sodium. Needless to say, I'm feeling kind of shitty! So what do I do but throw together a quick manip of John Sheppard without his shirt on titled "Foxy Gardener John Wants to Mow Your Lawn". Don't judge me.

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I'm pretty useless on keeping up with fandom things that don't happen directly on my flist, so I'm not sure what's going on over at the squirrel forums about Shore Leave and what have you. Is there any talk of an LJ meet up? I keep seeing random people on my flist that I hadn't known were going at all talk about the con, and I'm kind of wondering how many fabulous people I'm going to miss out on purely because I never asked if they were coming.

Not entirely sure where we're going to be all weekend yet, but I think convincing DHew to come see the new Batman movie figured into it somehow? And, of course, some sort of watching party for the premiere(!!). Also not sure if we'll all descend upon a hotel room, or maybe take over some other place with a TV in the hotel..? I've never been to a con, okay, this is confusing.

[Poll #1191081]

*I am not actually stinky.
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I'm okay! The doctor managed to squeeze me in on short notice, so I am now in possession of a ten day supply of sulfamethoxazole/tmp antibiotics (how you say that is a mystery to me) and a box of uristat, and am on my way to chowing down on gnocchi and garlic bread for lunch. Thank you so much to all of you who held my hand this morning; it helped a lot when I was, admittedly, freaking out kind of a lot. <333

Since this week seems to be hitting a bunch of us with all it's got, I hereby declare this post to be fuzzy animal central. I'll start.

Kissing! On the nose!

Your turn! Bring on the fluffy llamas and the adorable puppies and the omnomnom-ing bunnies. Pictures are great, videos are fabulous, and stories are, as always, highly encouraged. ETA: [ profile] chopchica and I have accidentally been awesome at the same time; go over and watch the two adorable videos she links to in her post here. PUPPY GNAWING.
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Johncat says good morning, your finger is very tasty today. Nom.

I've always found Tuesday mornings to be particularly vile; this one is especially so since I have yet to sleep and have to catch my train in a few hours unless I decide not to go today. I know, I know, I just can't help myself - stop making that face. Hopefully I will not kill, maim, or otherwise harm innocent bystanders when I inevitably reach that stage of sleep deprivation where mass murder seems like a perfectly reasonable solution to all of my problems. Also: ahhg, my sock has a hole in it. :(

You know what? I would like to officially declare today "Ahhg, My Sock Has A Hole In It" day, because that really just sums it all up. Today is the kind of day where Rodney would end up trapped in a musty, unused storage closet for five hours with nothing but a splintering broom to keep him company, or John would hit himself in the knee with his golf club by accident and have to spend the rest of the day with an ice pack on his sore head because the shock of it caused him to fall into a wall. It's the kind of day that ends with Rodney stumbling into bed, exhausted and dirty, at some ungodly hour, curling up against John's side with a pitiful whimper and letting John's warm hand on the back of his neck, the steady rise and fall of John's chest, lull him to sleep.

Let's talk about that for a while, please. It sounds nice.
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So apparently now I dream in surreal badfic. I've been watching way too much TV lately, y/n?

[ profile] unamaga: so i don't remember exactly what happened in the beginning, but it somehow involved a portable shower head. and then it sort of morphed into my house, and i was in the front porch with this guy who i didn't know but was somehow obligated to have sex with anyway, and it was really boring. like, my dream self (i was not IN my dream self at that point, which was strange) just lied there and took it with a yawn. and then somehow that led to me going upstairs to shower with my portable shower head and upstairs turning into the ground floor of three floor condo building. then i was suddenly IN my dream self and there was an impromptu musical number during which the entire huge family (must have been fifty of them, none of whom i recognized) pranced around the huge kitchen. somewhere in there, i fed the doctor a yellow peanut m&m (he was sitting up on top of the fridge with rose, but she didn't mind me feeding him because i had my snake ring on and that made it ok). THEN
[ profile] kashmir1: *GLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*
[ profile] unamaga: then the wraith woke up on the top floor and we were all like OH NO THE WRAITH. they came downstairs and went outside and then rang the doorbell like civilized people and asked for our souls. but john and i wouldn't STAND FOR THAT, so we played a strange nintendo version of candyland with them for our lives. we were only in four turns (john had pulled the mushroom chip which meant we were BIG and could stomp on the swamp monster without dying) when i realized that we could trick the wraith into thinking we'd vanished by going into town for ice cream.
[ profile] kashmir1: AHAHAHA oh my GOD
[ profile] unamaga: I AM ON CRACK
[ profile] unamaga: and then
[ profile] unamaga: we were getting our ice cream (this bit is kind of fuzzy) and rodney was like NO ALL OF THIS IS PISTACHIO UNACCEPTABLE so we couldn't get ice cream because john wouldn't go against rodney's wishes but if we didn't get ice cream the WRAITH WOULD FIND US and it was all horribly angsty and there were many longing looks thrown between john and rodney and jack and ianto (who were there only for the part with the longing looks) but then the doctor was like "naaah, i got it covered!" and we were all suddenly in the TARDIS on pluto - which the doctor made sure to call a planet
[ profile] unamaga: the end
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All of you who have wondered, "ARE YOU DEAD, MEL?": no. No, I am not dead.

  • Over the weekend I was up in Connecticut with my favorite [ profile] purple_sax09, and despite numerous liberal applications of chocolate and sugar cookies, I somehow managed to lose weight. Possibly it was all the running around different subway stations trying to make my train while carrying a distressing amount of luggage. Or maybe it had to do with the many sudden bouts of uncontrollable, debilitating laughter, I don't know.

  • Yesterday, I started catching up on Torchwood because I am woefully, woefully behind. Apparently not much has actually changed. Yantoface is still the prettiest, Jack is still so flamingly gay I can barely look at him without giggling into my hands, and Gwen is still a big dumbass for not realizing that Rhys is completely awesome. Also I still want to do Tosh. Vigorously. On a pool table.

  • Currently, [ profile] kashmir1 and I are playing around with a tag to Irresponsible. It's about blowjobs. We're enjoying it very much. :D

  • Speaking of Julie, would anyone want to watch A Dog's Breakfast with us some time tonight? We're not expecting coherence or anything as silly as that during the viewing (since mostly I just yelp a lot and flail around going AJFIPMAWFJIAWKWAF DAVID HEWLETT YOU WIN), so don't be shy!


Feb. 26th, 2008 06:23 pm
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Note to self: sautéing should never occur when you are angry - you'll only give yourself painful burns all up and down your (stupidly) bare arms and have to abandon your cooking food to make sure you haven't gotten anything in your eyes. And then, guess what, you won't have anything to eat at all. Good job, self!


[Poll #1144935]
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Ahaha, Jules and I just got Gmail chat banned at my school library: Your network administrator has disabled Gmail's chat features for all users on the network. You won't be able to use chat in Gmail any time you're connected to the network on which you received the error message. Er, woops. Maybe we shouldn't have been talking about weird porn. Not worksafe! Crude language! )

Unrelatedly, why isn't it spring yet? Walking from the library to the subway today was so windy I ended up eating my own hair.
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  1. Waking up ten minutes before you have to make your train and then realizing in distress that your shoes are not where you left them? Priceless. While I was in Brooklyn, though, I passed this place that was a Bakery & Jerk Center. And, uh. What. Please tell me what a Jerk Center is, because my mind has firmly rooted itself in the bad place. Where the concept of Jerked Chicken is highly disturbing and also illegal.

    [Poll #1131992]

  2. Hallo, hallo, I seem to have acquired some new friends. How are you guys? :D
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WOW, look at all that wank. All three of my fandoms are arguing! It's almost like an orgy of ill-feeling! Amazing. Is it that everyone's on their period (because, screw airborne pheromones, flists cycle together) or is Helluary just rearing its butt-ugly head early this year?

If so, this is me boycotting in advance.

Aaaand, this is the part you skip over if you're not interested in my university shenanigans. That's right, I have class on Sunday at nine in the morning. Am I on crack? Possibly. ) God, if only it didn't take an hour and a half to get to school every day. Makes me actually wish I'd learned how to drive. Ungh. *drags self off to shower*
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School starts, uh, TOMORROW, which is. Unexpected. In my mind, I knew this Friday was an important day in some way, but I think I just put it down to new Stargate Atlantis, thus proving once and for all that, to me, "excitement" and "utter dread" are entirely interchangeable emotions! Rock. This is going to be awesome, guys, just you wait and see.

In light of my utter failure at life, I'm declaring comment amnesty! I'll definitely get to fic comments eventually - possibly I will pencil it in for Saturday morning - but otherwise I'm not making any promises because, woops, I suddenly have responsibilities again. Also, my lip is split.

To compensate, because I keep a freakish tally in my head against all the amazing fandom gives me and how much I should try to give back: the stumbling, inexpert podficlet I did for [ profile] kashmir1 last week to get myself geared up for Plenty of Paper, which is horrifyingly difficult to read aloud.

Link to download the podfic

Text reposted for convenience's sake. )

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