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Dec. 2nd, 2008 12:37 pm
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I had a long, involved dream last night in which someone submitted good quality caps of Joe's high school graduation to [ profile] face_of_joe. I don't know. This is my brain on stress. On that note, since it's December I now feel less foolish talking about this: I have 15 cards and 60 hand-made postcards to send out for holidays this year. A perfect distraction! Who wants one? :>

[Poll #1308043]

If you'd feel more comfortable emailing me, send it to mackenzie.phifer (AT); if you're on my flist and want to send me a card back (not required to receive a card, obvs), my address can be found here.
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It's Tuesday, zomg. That means my father's birthday is on SATURDAY and THANKSGIVING is on THURSDAY and I haven't started packing to go home yet and I'm being picked up in, like, FIVE HOURS. *runs around in circles*

Oh my god, [ profile] purple_sax09, we have to clean out the fridge! Those apples have been there since...omg, when did we go apple picking? And the milk? Did we ever throw that away? Crap, crap, crap. I think we forgot to throw out the milk. And are you going to be able to finish the hot pockets before tomorrow when you leave? SHOULD I HAVE ONE FOR LUNCH?

I'm breathing, I'm fine, I'm ok. Here, have a quizmabob. ) Well, yeah, ok. *coughs* So maybe that's almost 100% accurate. Shut up, I said ALMOST.

While I head off to go promptly insane, I have a few people I'm sending cards to already, but is there anyone else that wants one? So far I have [ profile] dullemarulle, [ profile] robin1618, [ profile] torturemysoul, [ profile] coverd_n_rain, and [ profile] chickypooh... unless I'm forgetting someone? Am I? Damn, I probably am. SEND ME AN EMAIL OR SOMETHING. ETA: Duh, I almost forgot about [ profile] undecipherable and [ profile] iamtinkerbean!
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Recently, I've been told by various peoples that I need to make a wishlist 'you stupid ho', and even though it is STILL NOVEMBER, I will do it to appease my lovelies. Things Wot I Want. )

I am currently writing some Sam'n'Dean for the lovely Ms. Plutogirl on the occassion of her birthday, and it should probably be up sometime today.

Which reminds me: why is there so much fic writing lately, omg! I have a Jensen'n'Jared schmoop to post once Robin gets back to me on the beta, and I'm writing something for Sofie because she found us that painting yesterday after hours of searching (no, literally guys, I was on AIM with her and she spent at least an hour and a half searching for the damn thing) which will be a continuation, sort of, of the Jensen/OMC fic from earlier in the week. It's, like, an EXPLOSION or something.

Um, so, that sort of means you guys should expect spam today. And also that means that all of you had better get your asses over to [ profile] hell_quarterly and tell us you're submitting fic or art, yes indeedy. Pllleeaaasseeeeee!

ETA: Okay, I stole this from, like, my entire flist: [ profile] queenofthorns has a love fest going on!

1) Comment with your username.

2) Go back to your own LJ and post the link your comment because otherwise, no one will know to come fawn over you if you don't tell them about it!

3) Your friends will leave ANONYMOUS comments to your comment about all the many reasons that you are WONDERFUL, and then they will comment with THEIR usernames and go post the link to THEIR comments and it will be a giant big snowball of love.

4) We will all feel WARM and FUZZY and excited about the KINDNESS OF STRANGERS! YAY!!!

My thread is here, and now I go to say anonymously nice things to everyone I know! Getchur threads up, babies. ♥♥♥

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