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Last night I rewatched the entire debate in my dreams, start to finish, the only difference being that Bob Schieffer was a minotaur. Yeah. Either I've been spending too much time watching PBS (entirely possible) or the vodka was a bad idea (more likely). At least the fuzzy sense of well-being kept me from crying or kicking my TV during critical moments. :D?

Speaking of alcohol, in a few days I will legally be allowed to drink it. *kermit arms* It's weird sometimes to realize I'm so young when I feel like a crotchety nana croaking at the news stations about the good old days. Whatever, I'm excited. And I have no idea what the hell to do to celebrate, since no plans are forthcoming. Ideas?

In other news: Ted Nugent, you're a peach.

Uncle Ted said journalists are mostly "left wing, f****** hippies" who have never—not once—represented him fairly. He called Claire a wench with an agenda. After that, things only got more interesting.

Ted Nugent: You don't feel the love?

Claire Galofaro: I don't. No one's ever called me a wench before.


I'm pretty sure you're the first.

You've got a whole bunch of firsts coming if you keep spending time with me.

I've heard that about you.

I'm just adorable. I'm the most adorable, precious bastard that ever lived.

And what makes you so adorable?

Honesty, for starters.

Oh yeah? Tell me something honest.

You're a fashion wench. I just did. And I'm going to see if you really qualify as an Outside journalist.

You've even told a number of people to suck your machine gun.

It's a target-rich environment. On stage I told Hillary and Obama to suck on my machine gun. I think I actually told Hillary to straddle one and ride it off into the sunset, too.

So, um, are you a sexist person?

I'm very sexy.


No, not at all.

Right. Okay.

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