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I promise I'm going to get to comments tonight if it kills me. I have Quantum of Solace queued up (again! - stop smirking, Julie), tea, and gingerbread cookies on which to nosh; I am SET like a set thing. So if you end up with comments in your inbox to things you said weeks ago, my apologies. Er, until then:

Default Icon

Half-naked Joe; perfect for all occasions!

Oldest Icon

How can you ever get rid of that icon? It's just not possible.

Newest Icon

I am so disgustingly fond of them. <3

Saddest Icon


Happiest Icon


Shut up, I'm totally allowed to have three. There's no happy Jason one yet, which must be rectified, but LOOK AT THEIR FACES.

Angriest Icon

Mostly when I'm actually irritated I just use my default because, uh, there's nothing like shirtless Joe to make you feel remorse? I don't know. This is really the angriest my icons get.

Cutest Icon

Tiny baby animals! \o/

Sexiest Icon

This is my Rodney-genderswap icon. Shush. It's Julie's fault, really.

Most Humorous Icon

Ahahahaahahahahah! That never stops being amazing.

Favorite Ship Icon


Their love has no personal space bubble!

Icon Most Used

Because sometimes you just need to lie down.

Favorite Icon I Made

Rubbing! Noses! *useless pile of sap*

Favorite Icon of the Moment


Favorite Overall


How many icons do you have total? 117
How many can you have? 117
If you could buy space for more, would you? Um. Probably not, at this point.
Do your icons make a statement about you? That I'm a complete goof?
What fandom do you have the most icons of? SGA
The second most? due South
What ship do you have the most icons of? McShep <3
How do you categorize your icons? I don't really, just give them random keywords. They're all kind of jumbled together. For instance, this one is called "chestular area". Yeah.
Are your icons mostly made by other users? Pretty much.
Do you make icons? Sometimes.
Are they any good? They're alright, I guess. I can't really manage anything fancy, though.

In conclusion, Laura Cadman.

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