May. 15th, 2009

unamaga: (i'll meet you up there)
My first official post from Pittsburgh!

It's been an exciting, if somewhat terrifying and nerve-wracking, first week. So far I have: turned my ankle on a loose grate in our dining room, worked an electric stove and set two smoke alarms off, road the bus downtown for the first time and gotten yelled at for presenting my monthly pass when I got on instead of when I got off, and had to rescue a tiny bird that mistakenly flew into our living room and stunned itself. Also I had an encounter with a millipede, but we won't dwell on that because [personal profile] kashmir1 and [profile] ladycat777 might make fun of my girlish shrieks.

To add to the mocking, yesterday I went downtown and picked up my uniform from the school store, and it turns out that the sizes are more geared towards men. The first size I tried on was too tight around my hips and a little snug around my breasts, but now I have a size larger and it's like playing dress up with Daddy's clothes. I look like this dude with an added beannie hat:

Andrea took pictures to commemorate the occasion, because she is cruel and treacherous. No you can't have them.

So what's been going on with you guys while I was busy rearranging furniture and having mild freak outs? Anything fun and interesting and porny? :D

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