unamaga: (did i do that?)
unamaga ([personal profile] unamaga) wrote2008-12-02 12:37 pm
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that thing

I had a long, involved dream last night in which someone submitted good quality caps of Joe's high school graduation to [livejournal.com profile] face_of_joe. I don't know. This is my brain on stress. On that note, since it's December I now feel less foolish talking about this: I have 15 cards and 60 hand-made postcards to send out for holidays this year. A perfect distraction! Who wants one? :>

[Poll #1308043]

If you'd feel more comfortable emailing me, send it to mackenzie.phifer (AT) gmail.com; if you're on my flist and want to send me a card back (not required to receive a card, obvs), my address can be found here.

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