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unamaga ([personal profile] unamaga) wrote2009-02-11 05:16 pm


I walked down to the post office this afternoon to mail off a few packages (and before you all yell at me, I had my inhaler, a bottle of water, and a cellphone - I was prepared!), since apparently no one was planning to drive me within the next decade and the cookies would spoil. It's windy out, but not too terrible, so I dawdled on the way back: I had the empty Whole Foods bag I'd used to carry the packages, I was grooving to some BOC on my iPod, and it seemed like a good idea to stop and pick up a bit of the litter on the sidewalk as I was passing by it. This isn't really out of character for me, but apparently no one ever told me that it is tragically dorkish.

A group of passing high school kids took it upon themselves to inform me of this.

I know - douches, in my town? Shock! But, what the hell? When did it become high-school-cool to rag on a random stranger for picking up litter? I'm not really offended. Partially because they were all kind of puny and wearing day-glo, but mostly because I'm just plain baffled.

Anyway, here's today's vocabulary lesson. Your homework is to somehow base a drabble around a word of your choosing. For my amusement. :)

The act of mentally undressing someone
Flirtatious talk that leads nowhere
Having well-shaped buttocks
The condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out
Being attracted to a person's lips
An overwhelming desire to neck or kiss
The act of staring at someone's crotch
Slightly intoxicated or tipsy

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