Feb. 11th, 2009 05:16 pm
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I walked down to the post office this afternoon to mail off a few packages (and before you all yell at me, I had my inhaler, a bottle of water, and a cellphone - I was prepared!), since apparently no one was planning to drive me within the next decade and the cookies would spoil. It's windy out, but not too terrible, so I dawdled on the way back: I had the empty Whole Foods bag I'd used to carry the packages, I was grooving to some BOC on my iPod, and it seemed like a good idea to stop and pick up a bit of the litter on the sidewalk as I was passing by it. This isn't really out of character for me, but apparently no one ever told me that it is tragically dorkish.

A group of passing high school kids took it upon themselves to inform me of this.

I know - douches, in my town? Shock! But, what the hell? When did it become high-school-cool to rag on a random stranger for picking up litter? I'm not really offended. Partially because they were all kind of puny and wearing day-glo, but mostly because I'm just plain baffled.

Anyway, here's today's vocabulary lesson. Your homework is to somehow base a drabble around a word of your choosing. For my amusement. :)

The act of mentally undressing someone
Flirtatious talk that leads nowhere
Having well-shaped buttocks
The condition of one who is only amorous when the lights are out
Being attracted to a person's lips
An overwhelming desire to neck or kiss
The act of staring at someone's crotch
Slightly intoxicated or tipsy
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Hi, all! Remember that super awesome McShep Happyfest a bunch of you signed up for? Yep, that one. This is your friendly October reminder post, letting you know you have a little over three weeks until the November 1st posting date. Don't freak out, you can totally do this! We have confidence! And to encourage you, we're opening this post up for recs, cheerleading, idea-bouncing, and all that fun fest stuff. More about that at the end, though; first, [ profile] chopchica and I have each come up with our top five fest-compliant fics to give you some inspiration and/or a reason to procrastinate. Fridays are made for procrastinating, after all!

In which we ramble lovingly. )

Now. About that fun fest stuff. We're hoping to turn this post into a kind of fest in its own right. Writers are encouraged post snippets or "OH GOD I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WAS THINKING"s so that everyone else can bring out their pom poms and cheer them on. Happy fic recs, whether they be fest-compliant or not, are welcomed with open armed delight. And if you're having trouble finding a beta or you need someone to hold your hand, there are probably plenty of volunteers floating around!

And lastly: pimp this if you can! We don't know how all the participants got to us the first time around, but we'd like everyone to see the reminder. Here are two smaller buttons if you want them, feel free to hotlink. :D
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Welcome to the signups for happyfest! We're your mods, [ profile] unamaga and [ profile] chopchica!

What is happyfest, you may ask? Why, it's a fest for long and happy fic, set in the canon SGA universe! We've noticed that a lot of the long and plotty fics written in the last three years have either been chock full of angst, or AUs, and we started wondering how to get ourselves some long and happy fic - fic where there are romps and adventures, and hopefully some really, really hot sex. 

Then it occurred to us; make other people write it for us! [ profile] eleveninches put a poll in the field asking if anybody would even sign up, and the answer was yes! Now here we are!

So, want to write a long happyfic? This is what we're looking for. )

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