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Today I:

- wound up with a half inch piece of steel wool embedded in my knuckle. I don't know how I managed it, but dear god, never ever do that to yourself. *cradles hand*
- read really terrible porn during break between classes. No one should use the word "organ" to refer to a penis, I'm sorry, especially when said penis is being "played expertly" by someone. I nearly got tossed out of the library for excessive sporfle-age.
- made grits and was forced to taste them at least three times to make sure they were cheesy enough. IT WAS LIKE LIVING A NIGHTMARE.
- got a package from my dad which contained Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which I fully intend to try and coerce [profile] ladycat777 into watching with me before the hockey game tonight. Would be best end to today, seriously. My kitchen lab group spent half the session singing free credit report dot com commercial songs and Putting On The Ritz and then one of them got God Gave Rock And Roll To You stuck in my head.

Party on, dudes!

Oh, that actually reminds me! I've been watching Star Trek episodes and I'm almost up to the movies, though I still have a few episodes to go. Would anyone want to watch some of them with me? This is my first time! I feel very lost and slightly befuddled with adoration!
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I have a lot of things to say and very little brain power with which to say them! Thus, I use bullet points.

  • I've been incredibly absent from the internet lately, I know. I'm not sure when it happened, but somehow I've acquired this aversion to my computer and started finding all different excuses to be away from it. This is not like me! In an attempt to get back into things, because being away from my flist makes me sad, my twitter account has been resurrected. Hopefully it'll keep me more in touch with people, and if I am an utter idiot and forget to do face_of_joe people can tweet angrily at me until I remember.

  • Today is hereby declared Post-A-Puppy Day. Because I say so.

    This puppy loves you unconditionally.

  • [livejournal.com profile] ladycat777 tagged me ages ago for this. I'm not tagging anyone else, because I'm pretty sure everyone's already seen this going around, but if you want to do it consider yourself poked. )

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