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Today I:

- wound up with a half inch piece of steel wool embedded in my knuckle. I don't know how I managed it, but dear god, never ever do that to yourself. *cradles hand*
- read really terrible porn during break between classes. No one should use the word "organ" to refer to a penis, I'm sorry, especially when said penis is being "played expertly" by someone. I nearly got tossed out of the library for excessive sporfle-age.
- made grits and was forced to taste them at least three times to make sure they were cheesy enough. IT WAS LIKE LIVING A NIGHTMARE.
- got a package from my dad which contained Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, which I fully intend to try and coerce [profile] ladycat777 into watching with me before the hockey game tonight. Would be best end to today, seriously. My kitchen lab group spent half the session singing free credit report dot com commercial songs and Putting On The Ritz and then one of them got God Gave Rock And Roll To You stuck in my head.

Party on, dudes!

Oh, that actually reminds me! I've been watching Star Trek episodes and I'm almost up to the movies, though I still have a few episodes to go. Would anyone want to watch some of them with me? This is my first time! I feel very lost and slightly befuddled with adoration!
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Right now my house is like Grand Central Station. Where do all of these people come from? It's like half the population of New York State has cycled through in the past half hour. This is especially annoying because I can't use the kitchen during the open house, which means I haven't yet eaten, which means I haven't yet taken my pills, which means I am miserable and my head and chest hurt and I can't get the terrible taste of the nasal spray out of my mouth. PITY ME.

But, really, at least now I've been properly diagnosed (bronchitis and a sinus infection, what), at least there's a chance of being one hundred percent before, um, August. I'm excited! Let's have a hug'n'love fest, because I need it like woah.

*surprise flist smish!*

halp plz

Sep. 30th, 2008 12:12 pm
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  • Is there someone around willing to help me with my last [livejournal.com profile] art_bingo piece? I'm having a little bit of trouble meshing all the bits together and could definitely use a beta.

  • I'm trying to make cupcake pops. "But, Mel," you might say, "you're really going to try to bake after The Brownie Fiasco of 2007?" I know, I know, but so far, I've had no trouble with the cake or the chocolate. However, I wanted to use melted peanut butter chips for the top half - probably my first mistake - and the peanut butter is being...less than cooperative. I followed the directions on the back, but it's still thick and gritty and none of the chocolate tricks I know (add drops of veggie oil, etc) are helping. Also it's gotten so hot on the bottom that it's starting to have a mousse-like consistency. Ajaw;oigjf, I've been working with it for over forty minutes now and nothing's going right. Is it worth it, or should I just dip the whole damn things in chocolate?

  • For your pains, here is John Sheppard being ridiculous.

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  1. You know you've been watching too much Farscape when you expect giant space bugs to come out from under your dishwasher and eat your feet. I seriously almost killed myself falling over the kitchen table at seven in the morning because I thought there were space bugs. This show makes me want to arm myself with giant raid bombs.

  2. Speaking of, I desperately want to call someone a freller with a completely straight face and see what happens. :|

  3. For Nny )

  4. This is possibly my favorite John icon in existence.

  5. Anyone on the East Coast want to join a live chat or something for this week's SGA ep? I have a feeling we'll all need some massive, massive fangirl support and huggage to survive intact. Annnyone at all?

    ETA: slight the shrine spoilers in the comments!
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  • Yoga is so painful, oh my god. Isn't it supposed to be relaxing or something? I guess once you've had time to get good at it, maybe, but a week and a half of it behind me, I swear my abs have never, ever hurt this much before. Sitting up in bed this morning was like some archaic brand of torture. And I still can't pull my knee up to my stomach without falling over. Where is the justice. Do you guys work out in a way that's, you know, effective? I am brainless when it comes to this, clearly.

  • Does anyone have any Sonic Youth they'd be willing to upload for me? I have Bull in the Heather, but since a lot of the other files I came across were corrupted, anything from Goo or Daydream Nation would be hugely appreciated. I would love you forever and possibly kiss you on the mouth. :o

  • Forty more icons, because apparently I am physically incapable of putting photoshop down and backing away: 10 stock, 2 Rachel Luttrell, 6 A Dog's Breakfast, 4 Dhew/Rodney, 2 Jason Momoa, 10 JFlan/John/John's butt, 2 McShep, 4 John is a BRAT*.

    Live a life less sedentary, live a life evolutionary with me )
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Point the first: someone stop me from eating this ice cream.

Point the second: the kamasutrathon and all of its many wonders and joys end tomorrow night, folks! Julie and I are probably going to be sliding in at the last minute because that is how we roll; it's our party and we'll cry "It's not midnight yet!" if we want to. But since the conception of our idea, it's sort of morphed into a Track AU snippet, and the alteration of the pic I did for it won't be exactly accurate due to some, er, details, so I figure I'll just throw it out there as a little extra incentive for anyone who's still undecided about participating.

Extraordinarily NWS )

Point the third: please tell me I'm not imagining that Sound of Music AU. I distinctly remember reading something with that flavor, but it's possible I hallucinated it; if I did, why have you forsaken me, fandom? I had confidence in sunshine, I had confidence in rain, I had confidence that spring would come again, besides which you see I had confidence in peen.
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Right, I'm about to watch Doctor Who 3x10, "Blink", for the first time and I've been told repeatedly that it is fucking creepy, so would anyone like to hold my hand or, better yet, watch it with me? I entice you with David Tennant's firm buttocks.

I'm aneros2065 on AIM and mackenzie.phifer on gmail - ping me if you're up for it. :D
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Johncat says good morning, your finger is very tasty today. Nom.

I've always found Tuesday mornings to be particularly vile; this one is especially so since I have yet to sleep and have to catch my train in a few hours unless I decide not to go today. I know, I know, I just can't help myself - stop making that face. Hopefully I will not kill, maim, or otherwise harm innocent bystanders when I inevitably reach that stage of sleep deprivation where mass murder seems like a perfectly reasonable solution to all of my problems. Also: ahhg, my sock has a hole in it. :(

You know what? I would like to officially declare today "Ahhg, My Sock Has A Hole In It" day, because that really just sums it all up. Today is the kind of day where Rodney would end up trapped in a musty, unused storage closet for five hours with nothing but a splintering broom to keep him company, or John would hit himself in the knee with his golf club by accident and have to spend the rest of the day with an ice pack on his sore head because the shock of it caused him to fall into a wall. It's the kind of day that ends with Rodney stumbling into bed, exhausted and dirty, at some ungodly hour, curling up against John's side with a pitiful whimper and letting John's warm hand on the back of his neck, the steady rise and fall of John's chest, lull him to sleep.

Let's talk about that for a while, please. It sounds nice.

music pls?

Apr. 7th, 2008 03:09 pm
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I think I'm probably the only person above five who would try and mend the broken side of a candle even though it required sticking her fingers into the flames. Good job, me, way to go! Well, at least the candle's whole again and can go on living its candle-y life. *sucks on burnt digits*

Anyway, I am filling this entry with as much cute catness as I can in order to bribe you all to give me your instrumental music. I have the LotR soundtracks and a few awesome songs from [livejournal.com profile] villainny, but I'm sadly lacking otherwise, and it's definitely the easiest to write to. Your uploads would go to a good cause! Also, look at how adorable this kitten is! It wants your music too.

Further bribery! )
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I'm in the mood for fic in which John and Rodney are Meant For Each Other and their Love Transcends All and, you know, maybe they recognize each other from Past Lives or Alternate Realities, shut up. Gimme recs, please? Here, I'll even bribe you.

800x600 | 1024x768

And a small smattering of icons! )
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  • I can understand why RPS is a squick for some people and that, uh, we should probably hide the porn in this fandom. But, guys. Why isn't there more Jensen/Jared/Joe Flanigan fic. Mine can't be the only one out there, right? Right?? Hook a girl up.

  • Mel: schneestern almost convinced me that the world needed a fic where the impala and a puddlejumper were in love
    Mel: so
    Mel: er
    Amber: OMG
    Amber: OMG
    Amber: OMG
    Amber: YES
    Mel: HAHAHA
    Amber: i have no idea how they would manage to meet but they MUST
    Mel: dean and sam are investigating something weird in colorado during the return
    Amber: YES
    Amber: hahaha
    Amber: john is all trying to fly it with the cloak on and it totally ignores him and flies after the impala
    Mel: aaaahahahahah!!! and john is like "betsy! betsy get yourself under control!"
    Amber: omg
    Amber: lesbian machine love
    Mel: *sporfles* oh god, and dean totally buys the impala a pimped out exhaust pipe as a sex aid
    Amber: HAHHAHAAH

  • A few SGA recs )

  • I love you guys a lot. <3


Feb. 1st, 2008 05:21 pm
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Quick question - is there any kind of firefox add-on for gmail that will alert me of new messages or show a number on the toolbar? I am so damn sick of MSN being a bastard and a half, but I don't want to give up the notifications. :\

Please and thank you!
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Some Buffy stuff still left! Get it while it's...not gone.

Now. I want to talk about McShep for a few minutes here. Please feel free to go about your business if this isn't your bag, baby. OTP babble! )
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So, any Angel or Buffy fans out there? I'm sort of doing a room revamp, and I have a bunch of posters and books and stuff that are still in good shape, but I want to get rid of without a huge fuss, no charge or anything. Posters! ) I also have this (which is really just an excuse for a few 8x10 glossies of David in various Angelic poses), The Monster Book by Christopher Golden, a charcoal/pastels picture of Buffy and Angelus, and almost all of the tie-in novels written for the earlier seasons.

Uh. Any takers?

ETA: book titles.

Coyote Moon
Night of the Living Dead
Return to Chaos
The Evil That Men Do
Ressurecting Ravana
Unnatural Selection
Halloween Rain
Sins of the Father
Deep Water
Obsidian Fate
Ghoul Trouble
Doomsday Deck
Prime Evil
Power of Persuasion
Here Be Monsters
Child of the Hunt
The Willow Files - Vols 1 & 2
The Angel Chronicles - Vols 1 & 2
The Xander Years - Vols 1 & 2
The Cordelia Collection - Vol 1

Close to the Ground
Soul Trade
Not Forgotten


Jan. 5th, 2008 05:27 pm
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SO. Sitting in Heathrow Airport for three hours is totally my idea of a good time. Really. I mean it.

You should entertain me, flist, OR ELSE I WILL GO MAD. Talk to me about SGA and the epic, epic love John and Rodney have for each other, or that funny little tiara you bought for yourself last week, or even the way your dog threw up this morning. PLEASE. Dogs throwing up is DAMN GOOD ENTERTAINMENT.

*sullenly eats chocolate*
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Ahahah, I want ALL the porn I watch to have the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme in the background. I mean, can you ever really appreciate the size of a guy's erection if you're not hearing: duuun, dunnn, dunnnnnnnnn...DUN-DUN!

So epic. So beautifully appropriate.

In other news, my scheduled panic attack has finally commenced. I have stupidly left a buttload of my present-buying until the last minute! I am pretty sure I did horrible in every single one of my classes! Jules is going to yell at me when she finds out, but I have repeatedly forgotten to eat for the past week! In two days, my sister is going to wake me up at eight a.m. wearing an elf hat and singing the Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas song as loud and off-key as she possibly can! In six days, I will be leaving for England and I still haven't done any wash or found my suitcase or decided if the inevitable mocking is worth having my polka dotted galoshes with me! Sometimes I think that I am not equipped to handle life. Where are my socks.

Oh, but! Speaking of the whole England trip thing. I'm going to be on a plane for seven and a half hours. Ahhg. So, uh, anyone willing to zip me up some of their music? (Look at this face I am making, it is really really cute and irresistible.)
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Mel (2:23:25 AM): oh oh oh! I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT IT WAS WEIRD
Julie (2:23:43 AM): OOo tell
Mel (2:23:49 AM): at first it was an sga dream and rodney and john were squabbling about a map and they were on a roadtrip
Mel (2:23:54 AM): it was very sweet and their car was red
Julie (2:24:09 AM): EEE
Mel (2:27:04 AM): AND THEN SUDDENLY they were sam and dean and they were being chased by henrickson because apparently my subconscious is not happy with the fact that they've left him out this season, and all of the people i was 'friends' with in high school met them along the way and there were moments of WINCEST - like at one point dean reached over for a napkin and was practically in sam's lap and it was SO FREAKIN AWESOME - and then the police caught up with them after they'd gotten stopped waiting for the commuter trains to cross the tracks and they ran into this barber shop! and i was like WHY ARE YOU GOING INTO A BARBER SHOP THE POLICE ARE SURROUNDING YOU YOU FOOLS but for some reason the police who were WAITING for them in the barber shop went into the bathroom to wait for sam and dean to hide in there and sam and dean were like HAH and they climbed into the janitor's alcove together and pushed the door open so the bell would ring and the police would run out to find them. and they were all squished together and breathing hard and listening for any sign of the police to come back and they locked eyes and it was VERY TENSE and suddenly kolya jumped out of the rafters and said come with me if you want to live and i woke up.
Mel (2:27:23 AM): *breathes*
Mel (2:28:02 AM): I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. that's the first time i've dreamed in, like, two months! so i guess it was due to be weird.
Julie (2:28:35 AM): HEE. my dreams are always surreal and really bizarre, i swear
Mel (2:29:06 AM): I LOVE IT, don't you love it? it's like TV ONLY BETTER AND IN YOUR HEAD. i once had a dream i was trapped inside a boarding school with robin and we had to get out but the GARGOYLES were evil and shot stained glass LASERS out of their eyes. i think.
Julie (2:29:31 AM): AHAHA OMG AWESOME

What this means is that you should entertain me or else I will end up writing epic crackfic or maybe trying to take over the world WITH MY SPOON WHICH IS COVERED IN...SOMETHING STICKY. Oh god, should not have had sugar, should not have had sugar!
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Alright. Okay.

I seem to have hit the point on all the del.icio.us accounts I stalk that means most of the fic was written back during the early first season of SGA. I don't know if I just caught a bad string of them or something, but apparently the most popular characterization of Rodney back then was 'asshole'? And, right, actually Rodney can be an asshole, no doubt about it, but - hello, redeeming features! John is not with Rodney because he's an emotional masochist, ok! I do not jive on sex that reads more like a chore than a HAPPY FUN TIME! Ahem.

So, flist, I need your help. Do you have any recs for me dealing with late-season three/season four canon? Teamfic would be especially lovely - because as much as Ford is a great kid, Ronon just fits so much better to me - but McShep is my ultimate goal.

It's four thirty in the morning. Please for the love of god I am begging you, I will not be able to sleep until someone satisfies me. D:


Dec. 4th, 2007 02:45 pm
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  • There is something seriously wrong with the world when the old ladies behind the library counter sound like they're having sex every time they swipe a book over the demagnetizer. Especially since one of the old ladies sounds like the penguin squeak toy from Toy Story 2. Whistle and all.

  • There is something seriously wrong with the world when an old man comes up to said old ladies behind the counter and starts hitting on them using words like 'synapses' and 'misfire' and 'the new age'.

  • Anyone out there willing to do a beta for the Track!AU? I'm not entirely done with it yet, about two thousand more words to go, but I should have it done within the next few hours and I want to have it up for SOMEONE'S (*cough*) birthday.
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Dear Flist,

Where is the Dirty Dancing AU? John already has the right name. Rodney would be the bitchiest, most hysterical Baby ever. Imagine the lake scene, Flist, with the wet, clinging shirts and Rodney shrieking bloody murder every time John falls over backwards (which he does often, and purposely). Imagine Rodney babbling about watermelons and John teaching him how to grind.

Imagine Jeannie McKay in a coconut bra and grass skirt singing, "All the boys of Okakokanoka Island, gather all the gifts that hula hana asks, they have combed their island home, fulfilling each one, and its worth it when they watch her shake her grass, three, four, five!"

This must be written. Someone. For the love of all things bright and beautiful.


ps, i love you.

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