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I swear I'm not dead or anything. I've been poked by a few needles and sneezed through two boxes of tissues and become far too emotionally invested in our stock of Sudafed, but I'm otherwise okay. So let's play catch-up! How've you all been? What incredible romance and intrigue have I missed? I've been a terrible LJ friend and also incredibly bored (have you noticed that Spike only plays CSI marathons when you have other things to watch? I sense a deep evil in that station), feel free to babble at me. Also:

Drop me a comment, and I'll tell you the first thing that comes into my mind when I think of you, whether it makes sense or not.

Or, if you are afraid I will answer with NINJA MONKIES!!!, make some icon requests! :D
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When did it get so frelling cold out? Just last week it was t-shirt weather and right now I am in all seriousness contemplating fishing out my scarf and gloves. I'm already wearing a hat and my ears are still cold! My fingernails are turning a strange purplish color! This is unacceptable. Also I can't get these crackers open.

But in other, less pathetic news: SPN last night rocked my socks, homg! I don't think I've been so pleased with this show and these characters in a long time. So, naturally, I made icons. Twenty two in all, lots of Deanface. 

When the bells ring twelve times in hell, the bells ring twelve times in this town as well. )

And now I am off to beta fic of yay while the end of S1 SGA downloads. [livejournal.com profile] melloniel? You and I have a date with the Sieges sometime this weekend. *points*
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This is unprecedented for eleven o'clock on a Saturday morning. I've already been up for a ridiculous number of hours, which is so very not like me, eaten pizza for breakfast (delicious and nutritious!) and fumbled my way through the first few hundred words of my happy fic. What's going on? I don't know. Possibly I've slipped into an alternate dimension. To combat the weirdness, I'm reposting a small comment ficlet written yesterday for [livejournal.com profile] melloniel, whose battle with her recliner was inspiring.

Untitled Chair Ficlet
McKay/Sheppard, R ~620 words

The department store was vast and baffling, and the two of them had spent the better part of that morning and afternoon blindly stumbling from one section to another, tossing whisks and shower curtains into their overflowing cart and arguing over the shade of blue the area rug for the front room should be. )

Annnd, here's a small bunch of icons, mostly of people making amusing or shocked faces. Because that's so how I roll. Twenty eight all together: eighteen John, four Rodney/David, four Teyla, one Elizabeth, one McShep.

Mmmm, faces )

In other news! I've decided to go on a movie binge this weekend, try to catch up on all the culture I missed growing up in the nineties. So far I've watched Singin' in the Rain and Who Framed Roger Rabbit - as, um, I'm sure you all noticed yesterday - and right now I'm twenty minutes into The Maltese Falcon. What else should be on my list, do you think?

*hoardes popcorn and blankets*


Aug. 26th, 2008 09:48 am
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Further proof that no living thing is immune to Joe Flanigan: there is a bug in my room. It has been living here for quite some time because it won't stay still long enough for me to a) kill it, or b) capture it. It hasn't been around for the past two days, but today it reintroduced itself to me by repeatedly slamming itself into my laptop screen. And this bug was not flying in willy-nilly. Oh no. It hit Joe square on the mouth twice, and once on the nose. This bug was on a mission. This bug was aiming directly for the100px by 100px square of screen containing Joe Flanigan's face.

I bet plants grow towards him if he stands still.

...Ahaha, vine porn.

ANYWAY, here are some icons, because the puppy I'm watching seems to think my hand is food if it's idle for too long. And now to bed with me! After I reread A Beautiful Lifetime Event! Maybe! I'm so good at this.

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Julie and I have been flailing sporadically about last night's episode almost the entire day, so it's really no wonder it was so easy for her to elbow me into making icons. Boys! I can't even think about it for long without getting incoherent and flapping my arms like a particularly uncoordinated bat.

twelve spoilery icons )

Also, Back to the Future parts II and III have been playing on HBOF all day, and even though the future fashions make me want to cry, I have dutifully watched them both each time and thought fondly of John Sheppard wearing a reflective rainbow baseball cap. Please tell me I'm not the only one who desperately, desperately wants a time travel fic wherein John gets to use all he learned from Marty McFly to save the day while Rodney bitches and groans and asks the sky why he's been cursed with an idiot for a best friend.


Aug. 14th, 2008 10:01 pm
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Because [livejournal.com profile] exsequar tagged me and I can deny her nothing:

List 10 songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good, but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, shaping your summer. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 10 songs. Then tag 10 other people to see what they're listening to.

In which I ramble about musics! )

Aaaannnd, a batch of icons! Thirty six in total: seventeen August Rush, six DHew/Rodney, two JFlan/John, five Teyla, two Ronon, four CKR/RayK. I feel like somehow I should turn this into a Christmas Song. And a RayK in a pear tree?

icons! )

...and now i toddle off to read big bang homghomg.
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[livejournal.com profile] kashmir1 and I watched Scanners 2 last night - no, I don't know why either. Except, wait! I do! Damn you, DHew.

It was a pretty gross movie, and I could have seriously done without all the bubbling flesh and...things, but at least there were a few high points. AKA David Hewlett. [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone's puppy ficlet means so much more to me now. The relevant bits of the movie (or, well, what I consider relevant anyway, meaning: kissing, puppies, and telekinetic sex) are uploaded here and here, both .mp4 files. Prepare yourself for young David's high, adorable voice, huge blue eyes, and, yes, feathered hair. Also:


On a related note, it has been brought to my attention by concerned parties that I make way more Joe icons than David icons. And that this makes David a sad panda. So! A small batch of David icons with the promise of more if anyone has caps they'd like done. Nudge nudge, help me out here?

Sixteen DHew icons from various movies and tv shows, including Traders and Scanners )
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I have the what is probably hugest spider bite I have ever encountered right below the join of my thumb and hand and it is driving me insane. My entire arm itches. My legs are all twitchy and restless. Every single move I make seems to somehow aggravate the strange bruise-like mass it has become and I suspect that soon I will attempt to chop my entire hand off no matter how good it's been to me in the past ajfaigghgjawgk.

But, whatever! Not thinking about it!

My post-con sickness is slowly abating, to the point where I now have a voice again and can go whole hours without sneezing. Amazing! And last night my sister lured me out of my bed with the promise of a CVS run for more sudafed so she could use my student discount at the apple store for her new computer, and I now have an iPod Touch - for free! I'm not sure how this happened, except that it was fully rebated and very, very shiny.

[Poll #1227965]
To wrap this post up a bit, a slightly face-centric icon blurb. Twenty four in full: eight due South, eleven Callum Keith Rennie, three SGA, two Joe Flanigan.

You know, Ray, my father once told me that the sky isn't just above you, that if you look at the horizon you'll see that it actually touches the ground. So if you think about it, wherever you go, you are actually walking in the sky. )

icon post

Jun. 25th, 2008 12:30 am
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Probably not going to be around much for the next few days due to me being a sopping wet blanket right now and not wanting to bring everybody down; here's a tiny batchlet of icons as a going away present. Twenty icons: four stock, seven John Sheppard, three Rodney McKay, two McShep, and one each of Teyla and Ronon (with variations).

An education was a bit like a communicable sexual disease. It made you unsuitable for a lot of jobs and then you had the urge to pass it on. )
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  • Yoga is so painful, oh my god. Isn't it supposed to be relaxing or something? I guess once you've had time to get good at it, maybe, but a week and a half of it behind me, I swear my abs have never, ever hurt this much before. Sitting up in bed this morning was like some archaic brand of torture. And I still can't pull my knee up to my stomach without falling over. Where is the justice. Do you guys work out in a way that's, you know, effective? I am brainless when it comes to this, clearly.

  • Does anyone have any Sonic Youth they'd be willing to upload for me? I have Bull in the Heather, but since a lot of the other files I came across were corrupted, anything from Goo or Daydream Nation would be hugely appreciated. I would love you forever and possibly kiss you on the mouth. :o

  • Forty more icons, because apparently I am physically incapable of putting photoshop down and backing away: 10 stock, 2 Rachel Luttrell, 6 A Dog's Breakfast, 4 Dhew/Rodney, 2 Jason Momoa, 10 JFlan/John/John's butt, 2 McShep, 4 John is a BRAT*.

    Live a life less sedentary, live a life evolutionary with me )
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I've been told I must link, so! Put yer poll pants on and go on over to [livejournal.com profile] chopchica's journal to settle a matter of epic importance between her and [livejournal.com profile] ladycat777: who's the biggest bitch of them all? I gotta admit I'm pulling for the chop - well, in most. Ladycat obviously has the market cornered on bartending. In the dark. Go! Shoo!

And now, because I apparently excrete sunshine and rainbows and marshmallows, here are some cheerful spring icons!

Cradle me, I'll cradle you; I'll win your heart with a woo-woo, pulling shapes just for your eyes. So with toothpaste kisses and lines, I'll be yours and you'll be... )
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I'm in the mood for fic in which John and Rodney are Meant For Each Other and their Love Transcends All and, you know, maybe they recognize each other from Past Lives or Alternate Realities, shut up. Gimme recs, please? Here, I'll even bribe you.

800x600 | 1024x768

And a small smattering of icons! )
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I don't know about you, but I am so ready for it not to be January anymore. So let's pretend we're in a magical, far away place where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer and the towels are oh so fluffy; where the shriners and the lepers play their ukuleles all day long and anyone on the street will gladly shave your back for a nickel, wacka wacka doo-doo yeah.

If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again )
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I swear one day I will actually get completely caught up on comments. Until then, some spam:

Some SGA recs, mostly McShep )


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

sixteen sga/sga cast icons! )


From: unamaga
Sent: Thu 10/25/07 3:47 AM
To: schneestern
Subject: OH MY GOD


Remember that lovely Joe/John we did where John was watching movies?

mckay/sheppard ficlet, pg-13, ~500 words )


Nov. 27th, 2007 11:36 pm
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  • Coming soon to a journal near you:
    Just Like We Do (NC-17, John Sheppard/Joe Flanigan) by [livejournal.com profile] unamaga and [livejournal.com profile] schneestern ~3,000 words
    "He cups his hand around the back of John's neck, mumbling, slow, slower, and guiding John into aching, long strokes, watching with something hot curling in his gut when the switch suddenly flips behind John's eyes and he gets it."

  • Anyone around here who has signed up for a [livejournal.com profile] just_google_it prompt: remember that your stories are due on the 30th! Which is, guess what, THREE DAYS FROM NOW. I'm not hyperventilating. Really. (Shit, shit, shit, holy shit, oh my god.) Speaking of, I have a feeling I'm going to finish my story at, like, ten o'clock that night. Someone up for a really super speedy beta? Probably only about eight thousand words! Um.

  • Also, some icons! Because I could not write another word.

Eighteen Misc Icons )
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Today I cleaned my room. It was kind of scary. I found the petition for gay marriage I tried to concoct when I was thirteen. Ahaha, it had, like, ten signatures on it - two of which belonged to my parents - because I was too shy to go up and ask people I didn't know to sign. Oh, junior high, I don't miss you at all. Speaking of embarrassing memories, I also found my two "official" *NSYNC books and the two made-up tests I wrote for my friend when I decided to teach him Trigonometry a year early. Nice to know my dorkitude has been ingrained from the start.

Also, I'm kind of in an iconning mood right now. Any quotes you all want iconned? Here are the six random ones I've done so far:

Yay pastels! Yay Joss Whedon! Yay!


Oct. 7th, 2007 01:01 am
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Let's talk about David Hewlett for a minute. )

In pumpkin patch news, I picked out a fabulous little guy who, actually, is not that little. He's a twenty-five pounder and probably the biggest pumpkin I have ever owned. Lugging him back to the car was no mean feet, lemme tell you, but SO WORTH IT for the look on my sister's face when I came in the door. She...pretty much looked like DHew in the third picture. It was great.

Last order of business for the night and then I will stop spamming, I promise. It's just...he's so pretty. I can't help it.

Eight Joe Flanigan icons! )
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Yesterday was kind of a wash: I didn't get to see Barack. Apparently something like 25,000 people showed up - which wasn't exactly surprising so much as very, very loud, to the point where Lee and I couldn't hear him speaking at all. Even the rap music (YES, there was RAP MUSIC because Barack is totally down with that, yo) was muffled and sort of incomprehensible. There was an upside in the fact that I got to laugh at a bunch of kids from NYU who were trying to mosh at a political rally. This is absoLUTELY the time and place for a mosh pit, guys! Way to go! Yeah.

Anyway, Lee and I ambled down to The Strand (when we realized it would be more fulfilling to watch the speech on youtube) and bookgasmed happily over the specials in fiction, and then we got some gelato in Little Italy; so, all in all, not a complete waste of subway fare. Oh, well. He'll be around again, and maybe this time I'll try to get there fifteen thousand hours early so I can be closer to the platform.

But tonight promises to be better! Stargate Atlantis! I've seen the leaked version already, and I'll miss the Bang Man, but I think it's going to be a whole different experience to see it with everything put together right. I'm excited! *does a little dance* Who else is gonna be watching it? Anyone on the east coast want to babble through it with me on AIM or something?

Weekly moosic blob:
[Snippet of Conversion Commentary] Not really music per say, but oh my god Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett are precious! Slapfight!
[Pink Martini - Bolero] Obviously not theirs, but they make it jazzy and smooth. <3
[The Clash - London Calling] If you don't know this song already I may have to cry.
[The Tragically Hip - Poets] I don't know if I've put this one up before, but whatever. So. FUN.

Thirty Three Icons
Fifteen Stock Photos
Nine Barack Obama
Six Panic! at the Disco
Three Stargate: Atlantis

I am shocked by this unforseen turn of events! )
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Here's how it happened: [livejournal.com profile] hebrew_hernia said, "Are you gonna make SGA icons?" and I said, "No, no, I couldn't possibly, all the talent in fandom, blah, blah, inadequate, blah," and then I went and opened photoshop, because apparently I lack self-control. Who knew.

1 2 3
[04] Joe Flanigan icons
[21] Stargate Atlantis icons

If it keeps on rainin', the levee's gonna break )

As usual - want, take, have. Feel free to customize or request something, I'm open for business! That means SPN and stock as well, dudes. Bring it on!

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