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Nov. 15th, 2008 07:08 pm
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So! That fannish dinner thing! Let's talk about it.

We tried to pick a few different kinds of restaurants to account for taste, but we're open to suggestions seeing as we really don't know where everyone's coming from. Right now, though, the Heartland Brewery is the heavy favorite for location and incomprehensible website malfunctions, and Shiller's Liquor Bar is the heavy favorite for sheer awesometasticness. That's right. It's so awesome I couldn't decide which suffix to use.

Anyway! Even if you don't know if you're gonna make it, please drop a comment and vote in the poll. We'd like to have a firm idea of what the hell we're planning to do by Tuesday so we can make a reservation. 

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Questions, comments, concerns?
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I have the what is probably hugest spider bite I have ever encountered right below the join of my thumb and hand and it is driving me insane. My entire arm itches. My legs are all twitchy and restless. Every single move I make seems to somehow aggravate the strange bruise-like mass it has become and I suspect that soon I will attempt to chop my entire hand off no matter how good it's been to me in the past ajfaigghgjawgk.

But, whatever! Not thinking about it!

My post-con sickness is slowly abating, to the point where I now have a voice again and can go whole hours without sneezing. Amazing! And last night my sister lured me out of my bed with the promise of a CVS run for more sudafed so she could use my student discount at the apple store for her new computer, and I now have an iPod Touch - for free! I'm not sure how this happened, except that it was fully rebated and very, very shiny.

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To wrap this post up a bit, a slightly face-centric icon blurb. Twenty four in full: eight due South, eleven Callum Keith Rennie, three SGA, two Joe Flanigan.

You know, Ray, my father once told me that the sky isn't just above you, that if you look at the horizon you'll see that it actually touches the ground. So if you think about it, wherever you go, you are actually walking in the sky. )
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  1. When you see this, post a quote from Doctor Who on your LJ.
    Sir Robert: I'm sorry, Mum. It's all my fault. I should've sent you away. I tried to suggest something was wrong. I thought you might notice. Did you think there was nothing strange about my household staff?
    The Doctor: Well, they were bald, athletic... your wife's away. I just thought you were happy. 
    First time I saw Tooth and Claw, I choked on my soda and nearly sprayed the keyboard. True story.

  2. Why being friends with me is totally a mistake, Vol XIV, Part Twelve. )

    [Poll #1209825]

    ETA: Songs in question two are downloadable! Click away, darlings!
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I'm pretty useless on keeping up with fandom things that don't happen directly on my flist, so I'm not sure what's going on over at the squirrel forums about Shore Leave and what have you. Is there any talk of an LJ meet up? I keep seeing random people on my flist that I hadn't known were going at all talk about the con, and I'm kind of wondering how many fabulous people I'm going to miss out on purely because I never asked if they were coming.

Not entirely sure where we're going to be all weekend yet, but I think convincing DHew to come see the new Batman movie figured into it somehow? And, of course, some sort of watching party for the premiere(!!). Also not sure if we'll all descend upon a hotel room, or maybe take over some other place with a TV in the hotel..? I've never been to a con, okay, this is confusing.

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*I am not actually stinky.
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Just in case you didn't already know, David Hewlett is ridiculous. And when I say ridiculous, I mean he sometimes pretends he's a monkey. Not even joking. Julie sent me Where the Heart Is and, in between winces of embarrassment (oh god, I am so not looking forward to the day when the late 80's fashions are back in) and the winces of absolute mortification (OH, Uma Thurman! Why!), were these precious moments. )

I haven't finished watching yet - the heavy price of contact embarrassment is being forced to stop every five minutes - but I'm confident that DHew will continue to surprise and amaze me. I hear later on he has a ponytail.
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Haha, I've been brain stewing over [livejournal.com profile] sgabigbang for about an hour or so, and, seriously, how do people do this? I never write outlines, it's so confusing. Mostly so far I've got a bunch of questions with no answers and a huge :O next to, "IS THIS EVEN PLAUSIBLE???" Also I may have possibly drawn a tiny Rodney!cat macro in the margins: I r srs Rodney. This r srs bigboom.

I am so bad at this, guys.

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Feb. 26th, 2008 06:23 pm
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Note to self: sautéing should never occur when you are angry - you'll only give yourself painful burns all up and down your (stupidly) bare arms and have to abandon your cooking food to make sure you haven't gotten anything in your eyes. And then, guess what, you won't have anything to eat at all. Good job, self!


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  1. Waking up ten minutes before you have to make your train and then realizing in distress that your shoes are not where you left them? Priceless. While I was in Brooklyn, though, I passed this place that was a Bakery & Jerk Center. And, uh. What. Please tell me what a Jerk Center is, because my mind has firmly rooted itself in the bad place. Where the concept of Jerked Chicken is highly disturbing and also illegal.

    [Poll #1131992]

  2. Hallo, hallo, I seem to have acquired some new friends. How are you guys? :D
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First of all, Happy Happy Birthday to my braintwin, the gorgeous [livejournal.com profile] immoralilly. Chicken, I'm not sure if your package got to you in time, but if it hasn't - present is on its way! I promise! I hope you're out right now with your boys, prodding Michael with a stick, and having lots to drink. I miss you like crazy, and I love you. ♥

Second, even though I need to catch up on comments desperately, a poll.

[Poll #1121830]

So far I've tried parts of Bump in the Night and Pretty Pretty Bunch. Bump in the Night was hysterically fun. I got to say, "Oh my god, I can never wear these pants again," IN FULL VALLEY GIRL MODE. It was kind of beautiful.
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Some Buffy stuff still left! Get it while it's...not gone.

Now. I want to talk about McShep for a few minutes here. Please feel free to go about your business if this isn't your bag, baby. OTP babble! )
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  • Poor, poor Stargate Atlantis fandom. Supernatural was used to my crack - it had some time to acclimate, what with the snail/snake epic love story, the kitten fiasco, the Aladdin manip, etc. I guess it was only a matter of time, though, really, and now a group of people WHO SHALL REMAIN NAMELESS have conned me into writing an AU in which John goes undercover as a thug. Yeah. Next Rodney'll be turned into an ill-tempered parrot who's losing his feathers. Stay tuned.

  • People think I'm scary? Really? I mean, I've always thought I was kind of on the 'push-over' end of the spectrum; in reality, I am pretty much as harmless as a...something which is very harmless. A spoon?

    [Poll #1082840]
  • Right. Comments. I'm going now, I swear.

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Oct. 30th, 2007 05:56 pm
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My thread at the stalker meme. Go stalk me! I am really oblivious to my surroundings! I will never see you coming if you wear a bush!

In other news, I somehow managed to miss one of my midterms. No idea HOW, but, yeah, really not good. Hopefully the professor will give me a chance to retake it, otherwise I am totally and completely fucked up the ass. God, I hate school. I just want to skip to graduation and then spend my life working at a library or my own bookstore, going to protest rallies, and writing erotic short stories. I'm not asking for much, world.

Oh, speaking of erotic short stories. A while back, [livejournal.com profile] immoralilly and I were talking about putting together a book of original one-shots by fandom writers. The published erotica market, on the whole, is truly and appallingly bad, you know? Fan authors could do so much better. And, okay, probably not that much of an original idea, but leave me my illusions.

[Poll #1080090]
I think most stories would have to be between 1,500 and 5,000 words, and, while they wouldn't have to be incredibly graphic, there should definitely be actual description of the sex and not just a tasteful fade to black. What would be the point, right? If there's enough of a response, I'll recruit a few of you to help get a more concrete idea of how this thing'll work, and then make another post with a more solid idea of what's going to happen.

This post is just really to gage interest, but I would love it if you could all pimp it out! ♥
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Woooot. After futzing for ridiculous lengths of time, I have a brand spanking new layout! It's very, very pretty; in fact, I think this calls for my happy Rodney icon. Look at him. He's so happy and glowing. And we all know why.

I don't really feel like I want to do episode reaction posts for SPN anymore - mostly because they usually consisted of "OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT LOOK AT HOW HOT HE IS OH OH GORE AGHH!!!!" and that's not really a huge and important contribution to fandom society. But, yeah, I watched, I squeed, I went "Oh, Dean" at least three times, and oh my god did you see that? The previews for next episode? Flaaaaiiilll. I think that one's going to be the off the charts kind of creepy-awesome. \o/ Welcome back, show! Missed you!

Later today (because, ahahah, what the hell it is six in the morning - I blame you, Jules), I'm going pumpkin picking with my mom out on the island. Should be, er, interesting. Here's hoping I don't fall on my face a lot! *thumbs up*

[Poll #1066883]
Shake 'em, baby. Shake 'em.
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So far I have only convinced one person that this is a good idea, BUT I HAVE FAITH, YOU GUYS.

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Aug. 28th, 2007 12:07 am
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Oh my god. I can't stop sneezing and, very soon, I'm pretty sure that my eardrums will EXPLODE from all the pressure and my brains will end up splattered all over my snuggly brown comforter. UNCOOL.

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Have just finished watching McKay and Mrs. Miller, and am grinning so hard my face actually hurts. ) Gleee! This is why I'm not allowed to watch nice things before I'm supposed to go to sleep; I'm going to be up for another four hours because of this stupid, lovely, horribly addictive show, I just know it.

Songs which fit my mood right now - aka my 'music that makes you bounce around and giggle a lot' playlist:

The Hush Sound - We Intertwined
Mika - Lollipop
Strong Bad - Everybody to the Limit (Live)
The Hush Sound - Crawling Towards the Sun
The Libertines - I Get Along
Sufjan Stevens - Chicago
Dumbledore - Drop the Needle, It's Christmas
Starlight Mints - The Twilight Showdown
The Hush Sound - A Dark Congregation
The Shins - Australia
Dirty Pretty Things - If You Love a Woman
The Wonders - That Thing You Do
Cream - White Room
The Waitresses - Johnny, Are You Queer
Talking Heads - (Nothing But) Flowers
The Fratellis - Baby Fratelli
The Libertines - Don't Be Shy

Woops, mighta gotten a little carried away there. Um. Anywho! Musically related, and because my sister made faces at me today for dancing around with my new (NEW!) headphones in, here is a poll. I know, right! It's been ages!

[Poll #1033698]

ETA: It hurts that polls don't let you fix mistakes. Ahhgg, my kidney. CLEARLY that actually says 'awake' and you are hallucinating the typo. THESE ARE NOT THE POLL ANSWERS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.
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It's May 10th. Do you know what that means? That means that there are TWO - not one, but TWO - super awesome people having a birthday today. And they both have D's in their names. How fab is that? SO.

Debbie o' my heart, your birthday present will be presented to you when we see each other during the summer. It will probably involve ducks and sparkly things. Hopefully I will not break it like I did your Christmas present. And if I can get a little sappy on you here: you're one of the best things to ever happen to me. I wouldn't be the person I am today without you, and even though URI didn't work out, I'm so glad I went. You're beautiful, inside and out; never change, my Minnie, I love you. Happy twentieth!

Ditte! I think our time zones are conspiring against us, but many Happy Birthdays to you, you mad DANCING MACHINE you. I would bake you a cake, darling, but I have no strangely opalescent icing to write your name with. Instead? I give you this, which is definitely not safe for work or other places where you might have someone peeking over your shoulder.

Yeah, okay, I'm snickering like a twelve year old. Shhh. ANYWAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

In other news, vacuuming is so hazardous to your health. I conked myself on the head five times in fifteen minutes with that fucking thing, and I think I might have a bump forming. A bump on my head. From vacuuming. What the hell. Also now I cannot find the plug. Is it possible to vacuum the vacuum's plug?

This is why I never clean my bedroom. Feel the love, Robin.

[Poll #982488]
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There is a creature on my ceiling! I have no idea what it is, but I think it's LOOKING AT ME and it's CREEPING ME OUT. D: D: D:

[Poll #978978]

Relevant fact: creature is on ceiling ABOVE MY BED. WHERE I SLEEP.
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It's a beautiful day, I just got sunburned from lying out in the yard for fifteen minutes - WHATEVER, LIFE IS GOOD. So tell me, darlings, what's your favorite thing to do on a gorgeous spring day? Do you pull out the pink lemonade and beach gear? Do you do as I do and immediately reach for the picnic blanket?

[Poll #972008]

ETA: Awww, Skip it!

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