Dec. 23rd, 2008 06:38 pm
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Wow, that meme didn't last long! Uh. My only excuse is the sudden frenzy of baking I've found myself caught up in. Cookies, brownies, blobs of sugar that should resemble something edible, more cookies - my kitchen is a scene from some sort of ancient baking war. The other night found me absolutely covered from chin to thigh in dough after dropping the bag of flour into the mixing bowl by accident. Woopsie! In that same vein, a lot of the cards I've sent out are probably going to get there late, sometime early next week-ish. I am a master procratinator, ask anyone.

Day Two: Wintuk

My mother, sister, and I went into the city to meet Mike (my mother's boyfriend) and his two kids for the first time. Somehow, my mom thought Wintuk would be a good ice breaker? I don't know what the thought process was, but whatever: I got to go to Cirque Du Soleil for free. The show was wonderful, if much smaller scale-wise than Allegria, and my mother spent most of it oscillating between amazement and terror, so that was fun.

I then bonded with Mike's youngest by reading Dr. Seuss to her in a crowded diner. I am indeed that awesome.

Day Three: Vegas cap - not spoilery )
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I was planning on spending a few days mostly cut off from the internet, but while searching for stock and JFlan photos to work on my artword entry, I came across this one by tor0908 on flickr and, dudes. You seriously need to see this. I haven't been able to physically make myself look away for over half an hour.

From Pegasus One )


Aug. 26th, 2008 09:48 am
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Further proof that no living thing is immune to Joe Flanigan: there is a bug in my room. It has been living here for quite some time because it won't stay still long enough for me to a) kill it, or b) capture it. It hasn't been around for the past two days, but today it reintroduced itself to me by repeatedly slamming itself into my laptop screen. And this bug was not flying in willy-nilly. Oh no. It hit Joe square on the mouth twice, and once on the nose. This bug was on a mission. This bug was aiming directly for the100px by 100px square of screen containing Joe Flanigan's face.

I bet plants grow towards him if he stands still.

...Ahaha, vine porn.

ANYWAY, here are some icons, because the puppy I'm watching seems to think my hand is food if it's idle for too long. And now to bed with me! After I reread A Beautiful Lifetime Event! Maybe! I'm so good at this.

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For your virtual pleasure: [livejournal.com profile] face_of_joe is now up and running and taking submissions! Once a day, every day, a face which belongs to Joe and is either ridiculous or adorable (or something in between) will be put up! If you have the incomparable [livejournal.com profile] melloniel friended, you know the pleasure of refreshing your flist and finding a picture of Joe waiting for you at the top. And, well, two Joes a day is better than one, right? Right.

PS, because Julie made me, and Joe Flanigan seems to be the catch phrase around here recently (I promise I'm working on a DHew centric icon/media post!), a really simple wallpaper made with one of [livejournal.com profile] mklutz's caps of the DVD extra pics. Oh, Joe Flanigan. )

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