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honestly, body

Right now my house is like Grand Central Station. Where do all of these people come from? It's like half the population of New York State has cycled through in the past half hour. This is especially annoying because I can't use the kitchen during the open house, which means I haven't yet eaten, which means I haven't yet taken my pills, which means I am miserable and my head and chest hurt and I can't get the terrible taste of the nasal spray out of my mouth. PITY ME.

But, really, at least now I've been properly diagnosed (bronchitis and a sinus infection, what), at least there's a chance of being one hundred percent before, um, August. I'm excited! Let's have a hug'n'love fest, because I need it like woah.

*surprise flist smish!*

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*bundles you up in some blankets and feeds you chicken soup*

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*happy little wiggle*
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*hugs you*

I know, that is the least fun combo of ever. At least you don't have pink eyes to go with it.

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Oh man, thank god. D: I'm guessing that happened to you?

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Oh yeah, thanks to my nephew. And I have Bronchial Asthma so when I coughed, I sounded like a 90 year old smoker and looked like I was having a heart attack.

I hope you get better soon, babe.

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I sympathize with the asthma like woah. My mother's thrown me out of rooms for coughing like that before.

Thanks, hon. *smoosh*

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Awww, I hope you'll get better soon. *smishes you and hands you a cup of tea*

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Thank you, darling! *cuddles*

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I'm glad you've finally got a diagnosis, even if it isn't a fun one.

Let's think about Arthur, coming in all muddy and battered from the training field. That bastard Tristram has been gunning for him all session, and, though Arthur is, of course, the best knight in all of Camelot, he has to grudgingly admit that Tristram can really pack a wallop.

So he climbs the stairs slowly to his chamber, kind of hoping and not-hoping Merlin will be there at the same time. This...thing they have is new, and fraught with unspoken barriers, and he kind of just wants to get the armour off and go to sleep.

Then he smells the healing herbs Merlin has put in his bath, and there's Merlin himself, in the middle of the room. Merlin is gentle and swift and he gets Arthur out of the armour without a word, before pulling him into a long hug. Arthur lets his weight sag against Merlin, who is always, surprisingly, stronger than he looks. Strong enough to cope with him, at any rate.

Then he feels Merlin brush his muddy hair off his forehead, and kiss him

"Better?" Merlin asks.

"Much," he replies, snuggling in. The bath can wait.

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FAjigmklfajo, awwwww, that is utterly sweet. <333

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(you make my life a better place to be)

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fjaoiwgmklawf, nnnyyyyyyy :">
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hope you get well soon

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fjoagkawmf, that icon is UNCONSCIONABLY cute, oh my god.

*snuggles you and it*
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awww :)

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*hugs and soup mugs*

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you are bestest. <33

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Hugs and good thoughts and smishes!!! (I was going to be more eloquent, but the cute in that picture made my brain go off-line.)

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HEE! Thank you, m'dear. *snugs*

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{{hugs}} if for no other reason than that picture is the most adorablest thing I have seen in forever. OMG, so precious, just like you, little sick girl!

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Thaaaank you, sweetie! :">

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*piles on the blankets*

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*grabs a few pillows*

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MEL I HAVE MISSED YOU. Boooo illness. Yayyyyy diagnoses! And drugs. They are good.

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THEY ARE. And I have missed you toooo! <333

Re: Cookie?

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Feel better soon.

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Thanks, hon. <3333

Re: Here, have some hugs!

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fjaogakmfag puppy smoooooshes! <333

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Ugh, I hate having an open house. It can last for weeks and you just never feel comfortable in your own home. :(

I hope you feel better soon. *squeeze*

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Yeah. At least the realtor doesn't have a key anymore, so we can control the comings and goings.

Thanks, honey. <33333 *smish*

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Hope you feel better soon!

Image (http://photobucket.com)

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jfoawijwag those are the cutest cupcakes i've EVER SEEN. I want to eat the on in the middle on the bottom. SO SWEEEEET.