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Happy Valentine's Day, flist! I know not everyone cares, but I love any excuse to smother people with hugs and post pictures of adorable sleepy animals. *opens arms* C'mere, you.
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Lookit! I have a new layout!! And I customized the code all by myself! I feel like dancing on the head of a pin or maybe just drinking soda with lime in it. Either way, I want to hug something. So, since I've got a new default pic and layout, I'm changing everything about my journal. I've already got the new title and subtitle - from Goodnight Demon Slayer by Voltaire - along with new names for my meta data.

However, I can't seem to think of something for a new "name" name. Currently, I have the ever-bossy "hand my LOOFA, slaveboy", but it's just not doing it with this new shebang. Anyone got any ideas? Bueller? Speak up, you in the back. EDIT: Thank you, Tali! HAHAH.

Very interesting poll. You should take it. )

PS - Oh, and just because I can. This is my current favorite song and you should all listen to it right now: My Brightest Diamond - Gone Away. It's haunting and sad and so gorgeous I can't half stand it. The singer's voice is just...wow. I wish I could do that.

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