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As usual, I've managed to completely lose the week. I have no idea how it's almost Friday. Yesterday was Monday! I swear it was! It feels like suddenly days are only made up of ten hours - oh wait, maybe that's because I keep passing out at ridiculously early times of night! Yeah, I'm a bundle of fun.

Oh, and speaking of fun - now that I've let the cat of my uncoolness out of the bag, woops - we're having a fangirl bash on August 15th and whoever wants to come is invited! If you can get into Pittsburgh, we'll entertain you and feed you (hopefully! We, er, still haven't decided what we're going to do about that!) and make you alcoholic beverages should you choose to indulge.

It's gonna be pretty freaking awesome, let me tell you.

Anyway. Today on the bus I was listening to my iPod to drown out the screaming child sitting across from me and wondering: if you could have anyone's singing voice - alive, dead, female, male - whose would it be? I'm curious!
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Ahh, it is early yet, but I do believe the wintertime ennui is upon us. Break out your light boxes and potassium-rich food products, guys! I love the snow and the cold way more than the stifling, sticky heat of summer, but the whole sun going down early, rising early thing? Yeah, no. Not really my favorite part of the season.

Speaking of, is it too early to ask you all for Christmas lists? It totally is, isn't it. I'm sorry, I never wanted to be the CVS of your flist, decking the halls cheerfully in the middle of August. No, seriously, have you been to CVS lately? Because the ones near me have out their dancing Santas already. My head hurts when I see them.

Oh, that reminds me. Have any of you been over to www.pasta.com? Because, oh my dear god, worst rendition of the Macarena ever. I think I nearly ruptured a lung trying to decide if I should burst into hysterical laughter or cry for my scarred soul.

Dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena, que tu cuerpo es pa' darle alegria y cosa buena, dale a tu cuerpo alegria Macarena, eeeeeeh Macarena!

That's right. You better believe I'm doing the dance, too.

Song of the week!
Talkshow Boy - Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal <3s Me)
Dedicated to YOU
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Word to the wise: when you know that you are going to be going out for dinner at a restaurant that you love, eat other meals during the day beforehand or you will end up scarfing down the entire HUGE portion of Chicken Marsala put in front of you and then feeling like a bloated whale. Uggggghhh.

I did get an awesome skirt out of the whole deal, though; it does fun things when I twirl! Also, it's called an 'abstract paisley' pattern, and how much cooler can a pattern get really? Not much. I'm funky fresh and fabulous!

Ooh-yeah! )

Oh, okay, and a question. If you had to choose between the two, which would you pick: Cantaloupe or Watermelon? No Honeydew. They're out of Honeydew. Your mom ate all the Honeydew.
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Today has been an odd day.

I took nyquil at around four am to get the hell to sleep and then I spent the entire time I was asleep having fever dreams. At one point, Nick and Sara from CSI got on a wooden bench and did a tap dancing number while Warrick bagged up a random severed head - stop looking at me like that! Nyquil does weird things to me! - and that somehow segued into me finding new bras at the bottom of my clean clothes bin. That was Very Important and Significant to dream!Mel, apparently.

Then, after I'd woken up and suffered through the inevitable nyquil hangover, I set the toaster oven on fire. Not a huge fire or anything, just enough to completely char the pizza I'd been cooking. That takes skill, I think, since making Ellios is a pretty cut-and-dry sort of event. Been a few years since I last managed it. I'm so speshul. \o/

A bunch more odd stuff happened between then and now that I won't bore you with, but just now I feel compelled to tell you that there are tiny cuts into my nails that I have no idea about. How did they get there? What do they want? I didn't fall or scrape myself against anything, what the hell!

...Anyway. Here's a huge assful of music that I've been listening to lately, because even though I was tagged for a meme with seven songs by [livejournal.com profile] __3amconfession, we all know I can never keep it down.

Tori Amos Albums:
Little Earthquakes
Strange Little Girls
Under the Pink
[All Three]

Random Songs:
My Brightest Diamond - Freak Out
Tom Petty - Saving Grace
Sister Vanilla - Down
Cat Power - Werewolf
Hole - Celebrity Skin
Marilyn Manson - Personal Jesus
Frank Black - Headache
The Tea Party - Temptation (Rhys Fulber Remix)
Joni Mitchell - Blue
The Beatles - Twist and Shout

How'd today treat you, guys? No spontaneous combustions or dancing CSIs, I hope. Although, dancing CSIs are pretty fun, mwah hah hah! Oh, Nick, get down with your bad self. ♥

moo ha ha

Mar. 5th, 2007 10:11 am
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All right, I'm curious. What do you guys think is the most attractive thing to smell on another person? Perfume, natural soap? Shampoo? Is there a particular scent you find particularly sexy or soothing? For instance, I think lavender is a gorgeous smell, and I love it on other people, but I find sandalwood way sexier, even though it's not that common as a pure scent. Thoughts?

Oh, and I uploaded this for [livejournal.com profile] kashmir1 (who is calling out for moosic, guys, spam her omg!), but some of you might get a kick out of it: The Beets - Killer Tofu. Yes, the one from DOUG!!
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Ahhh! Debbie bought me a ring! It's so pretty and shiny and me and I am going to show it to you right now because it makes me happy. Wheeeee! ) Ignore the strange lighting and my slightly-pudgy fingers. Focus on the gorgeousness of that ring! It's a snake! I've wanted a snake ring since I was, like, five, and when Deb and I went down to the mailboxes, there was someone who had a little kit set up by the stairs - WITH A SNAKE RING. I think I probably made a very loud, excited noise when I saw it, omg.

Oh, oh, and my day got even better after that, because when I took the above picture and hooked my camera up to my laptop, I found this ) which made me snort coca-cola. See, there's a story, ok? My friends and I were up at the local chinese restaurant, Lai Lai, and I am notoriously messy when I eat wonton soup. Within the first few sips of broth, not even trying to pick up a wonton, I have usually splashed all over the place. The waitress - who knows us all by name - came over and made fun of me for a minute and then took away the bowl. I looked down at my place mat and immediately yelled out, "OH MY GOD IT'S SUSAN B. ANTHONY!" to the incredulity of everyone around me.

After a second of investigating and turning the place mat this way and that, though, everyone at the table agreed that it did resemble Susan B. Anthony to an astounding degree. Clearly, I win at soup splashing! Next time, I'm aiming for a splotch that looks like George Washington.

ETA: Bwahahaah, I just found this on my harddrive while I was searching for a fic I'd started, and, well, I just have to share it. I think I wrote this originally on [livejournal.com profile] keepaofthecheez's journal when she posted a particularly stirring picture of Jared. So, here ya go - An Ode to Jared's Face )
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I am dancing around the dorm room in nothing but my stripey sweater, a black scarf, and my underwear to the beautiful strains of my iTunes shuffle. Even though I've nearly died a few times, tripping over stray shoes, and knocking over large boxes of cleaning supplies, I am still having the most fun ever. And for the first time in, like, ever, I am glad that we live on the fourth floor and pretty much no one can see inside our windows. :D

So, what song gets you up and dancing? I WANT YOUR DANCE MOOSIC.

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